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Summer has arrived in beautiful Mendocino, and Iím excited about the upcoming wedding season. Since adding MENDOCINO PHOTO BOOTH to my business four years ago, I've met so many amazing couples and had the honor of providing a fun and entertaining addition to their wedding receptions.

Of course, we have also entertained local and out-of-town visitor at fundraisers, special events, birthday and anniversary parties, and school dances. Itís a blast to watch people put on some fun props, get silly and laugh out loud. The booth really keeps things lively and guests get to take home high-quality, digital photo strips that capture their special memories. Please visit our website, and be sure to read our glowing client testimonials.

I also have a new commercial photo studio in Fort Bragg, CA.. I love my new space, and will be opening the in-studio gallery in August. It's so exciting to finally have a beautiful space to show my fine art photography!

My FINE ART Gallery also has my continuing series entitled, SOLES OF THE CITY, which I began on my last trip to New York. While strolling around Manhattan, I became transfixed by the crowds of people walking passed me, and began focusing on the feet rushing by. I was drawn by the varied and exotic collection of shoes plying New York's sidewalks, and found my imagination piqued to attach scenarios to these anonymous passersby. I'll be regularly adding new images to this series so check back to see the latest.

My fascination with images taken from moving conveyances continues, so look for new glimpses of life caught on the run in my MOVING WINDOWS suite. The images shot in Hawaii and Kauai, provide a unique view of these paradises. Look for MOVING WINDOWS under the FINE ART Gallery.

In August I'll start my School Photography season, beginning with Redwood Elementary School in Fort Bragg. This will be my 7th year as their photographer, and I really look forward to seeing all the little ones. After Redwood I'll be at 3 Rivers Charter School & Glass Beach Preschool.

Thanks for your interest in my work, and please check back often, as I share my vision of our beautiful world.

As always, I welcome your comments.



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